AFAM: Persimmon Round UP

Here comes the round up of AFAM: Persimmon. Persimmon was new to me as well as most of other bloggers so I thought no body will participate in this event. But I am glad few of us tried this new fruit & loved it.

I would like to thank you all of you for taking part in this event and big thank you for Maheshwari for starting this lovely event.

First I would like to share Persimmon 101 given by DK. Now it's time for yummy recipes.

1. Tipsy..err..Persimmon Trifle with Walnut Croquants By Navita

2. Persimmon Pudding By Asha

3. Persimmon Muffins By Keertana

4. Persimmon Bread By DK

5. Persimmon Cookies By Swapna

6. Eggless Persimmon,Ragi N Oats Cookies By Priya

7. Persimmon Cake With Dates and Walnuts By Kalva

8. Persimmon Spice Cake By Me

9. Persimmon Smoothie By Priya

10 Persimmon Milkshake By Me

11 .Persimmon Maple Syrup Salad By Priya


Nithya Praveen said...

Wow Trupti,looks wonderful.I cudnt find persimmons here.Will still keep my search on and make some of the above mentioned recipes once i find them:)

suvi said...

nice round up trupti.Sorry, I didnt manage to post mine in time :(

Anonymous said...

Wow nice round up Trupti! I was not knowing that we can make such varieties from Persimmon. I'll definitely try it.

Priya Suresh said...

Lovely roundup, everything looks delicious n Awesome..Great job Trupti!!

Asha said...

Beautiful recipes and round up is worth saving. Thanks for your hard work! :))

Unknown said...

Wonderful roundup many persimmon recipes in one place..awesome :-)

Uma said...

Nice round up Trupti! So sad that I missed this event.

Trupti said...

Thank you Nithya. Yes you can make these dishes whenever you want.

Thank you aquadaze. As I have just 11 entries so it was easy to post this round up. You have lot of entries so it tooks long time.

Thank you Preeti, Priya.

Thank you Asha. There was no hard work in this round up. :)

Thank you Usha.

Thank you Uma. If you made something with persimmon jst let me know. I will add that dish here as lot of us don't know recipes of persimmon.

Anonymous said...

Nice round up Trupti. I could not find perssimons anywhere around. could not participate:-(

Saritha said...

Thanks for visiting my blog trupti.I have blog rolled u

Preety said...

gr8 collection

Check out the roundup Of Cooking For kids event

Shah cooks said...

nice collection of persimon recipes.