Recipes For Rest of Us: Picnic Eats Round Up

Here comes the roundup of Recipes For Rest of Us: Picnic Event. Hope we all have enough picnic eats idea now.

1. Snacks:

Here is the alphabetical list

  1. Besan Kachori / Bhargav Kachori by Sonal
  2. Bhel by Rohini
  3. Cassava Chips by Usha
  4. Chickpea Cutlets by Me
  5. Corn Chaat by Rachana
  6. Dahi Vada by Sonal
  7. Horha by Priyanka
  8. Kalan and Paprika Poori by Asha
  9. Makyacha Chivda by Preeti
  10. Masala Puri by Supriya
  11. Mathri, Nimki by Priyanka
  12. Onion Cashew Pakoda by EasyCraft
  13. Oven-baked Rosti by Divya
  14. Potato Vermicilli Ball by Shama
  15. Savory Cheese Muffins by Cham
  16. Spinach and Feta Pockets by Asha
  17. Stuffed Tortillas with Keema by Priya
  18. Tomato Sandwich with Beets Mayo Sauce by Priya
  19. Urad Daal Paratha by Priyanka
  20. Veg French Toast by Rekha
2. Sweets:

Here is the alphabetical list:

  1. Banana Muffins by Jayashree
  2. Chocolate Spongies by Sharmilee
  3. Choco Peda by Priya
  4. Eggless Apple Raisin Muffins by Uma
  5. Eggless Banana Muffins by Me
  6. Eggless Dates Cake by Sharmilee
  7. Eggless Orange Almond Cake by Gopi
  8. Orange Loaf Cake by DK
  9. Pommes Frittes (Fried Apples) by Uma
  10. Shahi Tukhda(A Bread Saffron pudding) by Sharmilee
  11. Stuffed Gulab Jamun by Priya
3. Other:

Here is the alphabetical list:
  1. Banana- Coco Soy Smoothie by Varsha
  2. Garlic Achaar by Suma
  3. Grapefruit N Honey Salad by Priya
  4. Thandai and Salad by Priyanka

Thank you very much Ramki of One Page Cookbooks for starting this wonderful event and sharing very simple recipes. Thank you very much everybody for participating in this event. I didn't add Swapna's entry as she copied photos from fellow blogger or other sites ( I just checked she removed her blog). Other than that if I forgot anybody's entry please let me know.

Anisheetu of My Kitchen gave me One Lovely Blog , Triple Awards, Great Buddy, Friend, The Amazing Blog, The Adorable Blog Awards. Thank you very much Anisheetu.


Priya said...

Excellent roundup Trupti...delicious entries..

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Nice roundup Trupti! Glad I was a part of it. :)

Cham said...

Thanks for the round-up. So many picnic ideas :)

Asha said...

Very nice looking slides, good looking round up. thanks for taking time T! :)

Soma said...

I missed this.. A whole array of delicious food to munch on.

Lavanya said...

nice round up trupti..many eggless cake n muffins recipes..i am bookmarking it!!

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

beautiful round-up, trupti!! so sad that i missed this event.. :-(

Trupti said...

THank you very much Priya, Asha, Uma, Cham, Soma, Lavanya, JZ.

That's ok Soma & JZ. You both can now enjoy these recipes

Ushanandini said...

The slides are wonderful! Lovely entries! (including mine too! he..he..;)).

Poornima Nair said...

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Ramki said...

That's a lovely roundup and an inviting spread !

Superchef said...

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Sahi Round up trupti..... Got many ideas of Picnic food

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Priya said...

thank u for choosing me in round up...

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Wonderful roundup...So much dishes to try..will be definitely useful..G8 effort Trupti..

Mangala Bhat said...

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Vrinda said...

Delicious lovely entries Trupti..Liked the slide show...

Vicky Xavier. said...

Thats a nice round up. congrats dear for making it a success.

Trupti said...

Thank you very much Usha, Ramki, Poornima, Superchef, Sonal, Varsha, Pooja, EC, Preeti, Ann, Neha, aquadaze, Priya. Sri, Mangala, Vrinda, Vicky.

That's ok Auadaze, Ann, Pooja, Superchef. I know we all can not participate in all events :)

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