Winter Treat Event Round Up - Part 2

Here comes the second part of Winter Treat Event. You can find Part 1 Here. If I missed someone's entry or made some mistakes while posting entries just let me know. Again thank you very much for this wonderful response.

1. Tortellini Soup - By Supriya Raman

2. Garbanzo Bean Soup - By Supriya Raman

3. Potato and Roasted Garlic Soup - By Supriya Raman

4. Cheesy Vegetable Soup - By Sweatha

5. Fassoulatha - By Sweatha

6. Broccoli Soup - By PJ

7. Tomato Soup - By Ujwal

8. Sweet Corn and Mushroom Soup By Rekha

9. Red Bellpepper and Mushroom Soup By Priya

10. Broccoli n Barley Soup - By Priya

11. Mixed Vegetable Sambar (Soup) By Asha

12. Vegetable Corn Flour Soup By Vidhas

13. Cream of Broccoli Soup By notyet100

14. Cream of Tomato and Mushroom Soup By notyet100

15. Cream of Onion, Capsicum Soup With Carrot By notyet100

16. Manchow Soup By Poornima

17. Lung Fung Soup By Khaugiri

18. Tomato Basil Soup by aquadaze

You can find some of my Soup recipes Here

Full Meal :

1. Matar Paneer Curry,Salad and Masala Curd - By notyet100

2. Not your ordinary Mac 'n' Cheese - By Supriya Raman

3. Daal Dhokali By Meera

4. Misal Pav By Khaugiri

5. Paav Bhaji By Vidhas

6. Mixed Rice Noodles By Nithya

7. Vegetable Noodles By Vidhas

8. Schewan Noodles with Mushroom By Vidhas

9. Pasta and Mushroom In White Sauce By Vidhas

10. Pasta And Corn In White Sauce By Vidhas

11. Whole Wheat Pasta In Meat Ball Sauce By notyet100

Dinner Entry

1. Paneer Bhurji By Supriya Raman

2. Curried Black Eyed Peas ( Chawli Curry ) - By USha

3. Bisibelebhat By Chitra

4. BADHAKOPIR TAK(SOUR) DOM ( Cabbage in tomato gravy) by Indrani

5. Dhokar Dalna (lentil cakes in a gravy) by Indrani

6. Kalanachi Bhakri By Khaugiri

Side Dishes:

1. Potato Gratin with Basil Garlic Cream sauce - By Supriya Raman

2. Mod aalelya Methichi (Fenugreek seed’s sprout) Usal - By Khaugiri

3. Oli halad (Fresh Turmeric) Chutney By Khaugiri

4. Bo-Bun-cha-gio (vermicelli-noodle-salad) By Akal

Baked Items:

1. Low fat Almond and Oats Cookie - Eggless By Anudivya

2. Cookies Filled With Jam & Nuts - By Happy Cook

3. Chocolate Crinkles- By Sunshinemom

4. Chocolate chip cookies by Keerthana

5. Butter Biscuits by Nithya

6. Fig Almond Melting Moments By Bindiya

7. Christmas cake By Sudeshna

8. Cheesy Herb Challah - By Navita Hakim

Hot Drinks:

1. Hot Chocolate - By Suma

2. Hot Chocolate By Dhany

3. Spicy masala Tea - By Priya

4. Masala Paal - By Priya

5. Masala Milk by Mahima

6. Adrak Wali Chai By notyet100


1. Pumpkin Mousse By Supriya Raman

2. Sesame laddu by Sindura

3. Iddiyappam with Thengai pal by Vidhas

4. Sago Payasa By Keerthana

5.Panjiri By Bindiya

You can find some of my sweets recipes here

Non Veg Entries:

1. Fish Fry By Kayal

2. Osso Bucco alla Milanese by Akal

3. Stewed Pork with Apples and cinnamom by Akal

4. Paupiettes de Porc ( Stuffed Pork scallops in stewed vegetable sauce) by Akal

5. 4 Cheese Sauce, Veal scallop with Fettucines by Akal

6. Wine poached Salmon in Cucumber sauce by Akal


Soma said...

Awesome Round Up .. Both. Lots & lots of food!

I do not seem to find any perssimons anyw place:-(

Curry Leaf said...

Awesome round up and very happy to be a part of it.I am actually searching for Persimmons .I have the recipe,but no fruit.Will surely send an entry as and when I get atleast one.

aparna said...

Nice roundup.

Annarasa said...

Great job, Trupti!!Am desperately seeking persimmon here in the freezing north;)


vidhas said...

Excellent round up , Trupti. lots of treats in one place.

Priya said...

Awesome ROundup Trupti...hope this winter treat was a big hit many delicious dishes..Great job!!!

Khaugiri said...

Wow Trupti Mast aahe round up! So many variety of winter food, I just can't belive it..... Congratulations!!!!!

Jayashree said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog, Trupti.
Lovely round-up.

Usha said...

Great roundup Trupti !

Vibaas said...

Awesome roundup. Lots of new recipes to learn. Bookmarked! :)

Cham said...

Thanks for the lovely round-up, great job and many delicous entries.

Akal's Saappadu said...

Nice roundup Trupti. You've got all that we need for this winter in a page.

LG said...

I would love to try some soups, and masala milk looks awesome! Lovely round up!

Navita said...

i bought persimmon last eve...waiting to try something new for ur event ! :)

aquadaze said...

great round up trupti,,but you seem to have missed my entry -

sending some persimmons your way soon!