Veg Lollipop

Finely Chopped Cabbage: 1 Cup
Finely Chopped Gobi (Cauliflower): 1 Cup
Finely Chopped Carrot: 1/2 Cup
Finely Chopped Green Beans: 1/4 Cup
Finely Chopped Onion: 3/4 Cup
Finely Chopped Corainder: 1/2 Cup
Finely Chopped Capsicum: 1/2 Cup (Optional)
Finely Chopped Beet: 1/4 Cup (Optional)
Fresh / Frozen Green Peas: 1/2 Cup
Maida /All Purpose Flour: 1 Cup
Corn Flour: 1 tbsp
Small Bread Sticks: 12 -15
Ginger - Garlic - Green Chilli Paste: 1 tbsp
Salt to Taste
Oil for Frying

1. Mix all vegetables, onion, coriander and salt. Keep aside for 15-20 minutes.
2. Dry roast maida and keep aside to cool down.
3. Squeeze out excess water from this mixture. Don't throw this water. If your mixture gets very dry, you can this water or you can use this water in any curry or soup.
4. Add maida, corn flour and ginger -garlic- green chilli paste to this mixture. Mix well.
5. Make oval shape balls of this mixture.
6. Insert one bread stick in each ball & press well.
7. Heat oil in kadhai. Deep fry these balls till golden brown.
8. Serve hot with any sauce or chutney.

1. You can adjust or skip the quantity of vegetables according to your taste.
2. If you don't like oily food, you can bake these in oven.
3. You can shredded potato or boiled mashed potato.

This is my entry for Mansi's Weekend Breakfast Blogging event. This month's theme is Balanced Breakfast Meals.

Source: Aamhi Sare Khawayye


Laavanya said...

Very innovative Trupti - looks great too!

Dhivya said...

Wow..i love to eat chicken lollipop..veg one sounds great too

A Cook @ Heart said...

Oooh!! gorgeous!!! there is something so yummmmm abt deep fried stuff! beats baking anyday!

A Cook @ Heart said...

I also wanted to ask u, would u like to participate in the Arusuvai friendship chain? if u would, please mail me ur address on : acookatheartATgmailDOTcom

Uma said...

As Laavanya told, it is really innovative. Looks so yummy! Never thought of these. Love the pic.

Purnima said...

Trupti, I felt 'Trupt' looking at these veg. beauties..they look perfect!!

Jayashree said...

Looks wonderful Trupti...and sounds so easy to make...iam sure it will look great on a party table.

Trupti said...

Hello Laavanya,
Thank You but this is not my own creation. There is one cookery show on ZEE MARATHI TV. This recipe is from that show.

Hi Dhivya,
You should try this veg lollipop. It's easy to make & very yummmy to eat. I am sure that you will love these.

Hi A cook @ Heart,
You are right about deep fried stuff.
Thank you for asking me about 'Arusuvai friendship chain'. I will email you my ID.

Hi Uma,
Yes it's very yummy.

Hi Purnima,
I am glad to read that you felt 'Trupt' by looking at these lollipops

Hi Jayashree,
Yes, It is very easy to make & perfect for any party. Kids who don't eat veggies they will also love these lollipops.

Thanks everybody for visiting...

Namratha said...

so creative Tripti, I had seen only the chicken lollipops, nice to see a veggie version. will try this soon :)

sandhya said...

these looks so yummy...

Mansi Desai said...

We had these as appetizers for our wedding, but me and my hubby didn't get to eat any!!:) maybe I shhould try these at home now:) thanks for the idea Trupti:)

btw, I'm hosting WBB-Balanced Breakfasts this month on my blog, and I'd be very happy if you could send in an entry!

Trupti said...

Thank you Namratha

Thank you Sandhya

Hi Mansi,
You are welcome. Now you have recipe you can try it. Yes, I am going to send this entry to WBB - Balanced Breakfast event.

Vanamala said...

Hi trupti

fantstic pic !! Lovely snack :) I love it

Pravs said...

This is a nice have only tried non-veg lollipop. Has come out so well. couldn't make out it is bread stick

Sagari said...

those lollipops looks soo cute trupti

Trupti said...

Thank You Vanmala & Pravs

Trupti said...

Thank You Sagari

Seema said...

Very nice one! Liked the way you made it....

Roopa said...

Hi trupti, i guess this is my first time on your blog:) Very innovative and tasty looking pics and dishes, loved these kababs:)

I have a blog, where I have put some dishes I have tried, do visit when you have lots of free time :)

Aparna said...

Discovered your blog from the comment you left on mine. Thanks.
That's an interesting recipe. Can see a collection of Marathi food.

Trupti said...

Thank You Seema.

Thank you Roopa for visiting my blog.

Thank you Aparna

Pallavi said...

Great Recipe Trupti. I came here from your comment on mine. I will come up with the "Meme" list. Thanks for tagging me on it.

- Pallavi @ All Thingz Yummy (

Trupti said...

Thanks You Pallavi for visiting my blog.

SriLekha said...

added u to my blogroll!

Aparna Prabhu said...

hey trupti these look really yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy i m surely gonna try this soon

Keya said...

Hi Trupti,

I really loved your receipe of "Kurkure Corn Snack".

I visited your blog while searching for some delicious snacks receipes and could find many varieties here. Thanks a lot for sharing them. :)

I used to visit Seema's blog frequently. But it seems that she has now given access to only limited users. Since I am not at all familiar with blogging thing, can you please help me to know how can I get invitation to visit Seema's blog as well?

Anyways, thanks for sharing lovely reciepes. This is indeed a great help for cook like me :D.


Trupti said...

Thank you SriLekha.

Thank you Aparna. Try it & let me know the result.

Thank you Keya. I am glad that you loved my recipes. About your question -- you can email Seema that't the only one think that you can do.