Tilachi Vadi (Sesame Seed Square)

3 tbs Roasted Til (Sesame Seeds)
2 tbs Shredded Jaggery (Gur) or Sugar

1. Take jaggery or sugar in a kadhai. Put kadhai on gas.
2. Add small amount of ghee.
3. Stir it. Let jaggery or sugar melt.
4. When jaggery or sugar melts remove kadhai from gas and add roasted sesame seeds. Mix it well.
5. Grease some ghee to clean kitchen counter or glass cutting board or cookie sheet & rolling pin. 6. As sugar or jaggery immediately become hard, quickly put that mixture on previously greased cutting board.
7. Roll that mixture immediately before it cools.
8. Cut them into square before it cools.
9. Store them in air -thight container.
Note: As sugar/ jaggery immediately become hard, you have to make this vadi in small quantity at a time. For a variation you can add ground roasted peanuts. Don't add water.

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Kumudha said...

til burfis look so tasty! So many mouthwatering vegan recipes here!