Stuffed Brinjal

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 10-15 mins.
Serves: 2

5 Indian eggplant/ Brinjal (Small & fresh)
1/4th tsp Cumin (Jeera) Seeds
1/4th tsp Mustard Seeds
2 tbs Oil

For Stuffing
1 small Tomato finely chopped
6 tbs finely grounded Peanuts
2 tsp Finely chopped Coriander leaves
1 tsp Jeera - Cumin Powder
1 tbs Chilli Powder
1 tsp Coriander Powder
2 tsp Ginger - Garlic, Coconut paste
1 tsp oil
Salt to taste

1. Mix all ingredients given for stuffing.
2. Wash the brinjals , do not remove the stem , and slit them vertically and horizontally like a plus sign(starting from the opposite end of the stem) without breaking them into halves.
3. Stuff mixture into brinjal slits.
4. Heat oil in the kadhai.
5. Add mustard seeds & cumin seeds.
6. When seeds stops popping add stuffed brinjals.
7. Cover kadhai with lead for 5 mins. Stir in between.
8. Add some water & remaining mixture of stuffing.
7. Cook (with lid on kadhai) brinjal till it get tender.
8. Garnish with coriander leaves & serve hot with chapati/ Roti.

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