Dodkhyachya Shiryanchi Chutney (Dry Ridge Gourd Skin Chutney)

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Dodkyahcya Shira (Ridge Gourd Skin): 2 Cups
Sesame Seeds: 1 tbsp
Dry Shredded Coconut: 1 tbsp
Jeera (Cumin Seeds): 1 tsp
Red Chilli Powder to Taste
Salt to Taste

1. Dry roast cumin seeds, coconut, sesame seeds till golden brown & keep aside.
2. Fry skin on the pan till it get crispy. It will take approximately 9-10 minutes. Let it cool for a while.
3. Grind all the ingredients to coarse or fine consistency.
4. Store this chutney in air tight container. This chutney will remain good for a month.
5. Just like dry peanut chutney, you can serve this chutney with any snack, with roti.


Cham said...

Very different & Healthy chutney :)

Asha said...

Hi Trupti, thanks for visiting me!:)

I love Ridge gourd peel chutney, usually make thin, this is new and looks wonderful. I will try next time I get Ridge gourd!:)

I am on break for a while, will see you when I come back. Enjoy blogging.

Uma said...

I also make the ridge gourd peel chutney. Yours look simply fantastic and very different from mine. Lovely picture.

Dhivya said...

innovative idea and looks yummm too

Sagari said...

yummy and healthy chutney trupti

Trupti said...

Thank you Cham, Asha, Uma, Dhivya, Sagari. I am glad that you all like this chutney.

SMN said...

Hey First time here and u hv a very nice collection of recipes.. i do ridgegourd skin chutney in a different way this is nice way and i guess u can store it for some time rt?

I loved the palak paneer neeru dosa.. i shud give it a try ..thnks so much for that

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

hi trupti
thanks you for passing by my blog and it led me to your wonderful blog, full of surprises and there is lot to learn and do. I like this recipe, it is full of nutruients - healthy food and good to eat.

Sunshinemom said...

A friend of mine had once bought something similar - I liked it very much! but I think she add peanuts instead. Was looking for this recipe - Thanks, and please have a dekko at my relatively new blog!