Puran Poli (Obbattu / Baksham) For Holi

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For Stuffing
Channa Daal (Split Chick Pea or Bengal gram): 1 Cup
Grated Jaggery (Gur): 1 Cup
Cardamom Powder: 1 tsp
Nutmeg Powder: 1/4 tsp

For Cover:
Maida (All Purpose Flour): 1/2 Cup
Wheat Flour: 1/2 Cup
Salt to Taste
Ghee (Clarified Butter)

1. Wash daal & soak in plenty of water for about half hour.

2. Mix maida with wheat flour, salt. Add water, oil and make soft, pliable dough. Cover with a wet cloth and keep aside for at least 2 hrs. In between knead the dough by punching it for 3-4 minutes or you can place dough on flat surface & beat the dough with rolling pin. Add 2-3 tsp oil while doing this. Do this at least for 4-5 times. Make fine, soft & smooth dough.

3. Cook channa daal with sufficient water in pressure cooker. Don't overcook the daal. Then drain excess water using colander. Don't throw this water use this water to make Katachi Aamti (Rasam / Soup).

4. Heat kadhai and add channa daal. Fry till all water get evaporates. Then add jaggery, cardamom powder and nutmeg powder. Mix well everything for 5 minutes. Then grate the puran with puran making machine or you can mix it in mixer or food processer.

5. Divide the dough into small balls. Divide puran in balls double the size of dough balls. Keep these balls aside.

6. With greased palms take one ball of dough, flatten it into a disc of the size of palm. Place one ball of puran(stuffing) in the center and fold all the edges of disc to cover the puran ball. Flatten the ball with palm.

7. Tie muslin cloth on rolling board. Then sprinkle some flour on rolling board or any flat surface, place this stuffed ball and roll it gently. Make sure puran did not get out so roll poli very gently. Don’t turn poli while rolling turn your rolling board so that poli will not stick to the board. If you think poli is sticking to rolling board use some flour. To avoid puran coming out of poli you can make poli by pressing the ball with palm on plastic sheet. For this use oil instead of flour.

8. Heat tava and place some ghee or oil on it. Gently lift the poli & place it on tava. Cook both sides until color changes to light brown. Apply ghee while cooking. While roasting poli just don’t turn poli lot of times just turn for 2-3 times. Follow the same procedure for remaining balls.

9. Serve hot puran poli with ghee or warm milk or katachi aamati .

1. Make sure knead the dough according to procedure otherwise polis will not become soft.
2. Be gentle while rolling the poli.
3. Puran or puran poli will remain good for 2 weeks in fridge.
4. You can use sugar instead of jaggery.
5. If you want you can use shredded coconut or khoya (mawa). Add them when you add jaggery to the daal.


Lavi said...

lovely poli trupti.how soft it is...Happy Holi:)

Sia said...

so beautiful and hw nicely they have puffed up... oh!!! first bee and now u...

kamala said...

my familys favourite.poli is looking soft.

Happy cook said...

Wow looks good and it has puffed up so good

TBC said...

Love the last pic!
I'm too lazy to make it myself so I have some frozen ones bought from the store, in the refrigerator.

Namratha said...

This is an interesting way to make Obattu Trupti, looks good.

Cham said...

Poli really puffed well :) Great..Happy Holi :)

Dhivya said...

wow!love these!u got it perfect!look at that last foto its amazing

Uma said...

Wow, the poli looks so yummy! I heard of it, but never knew the recipe. Thanks for the yummy recipe, Trupti.

Divya Vikram said...

Looks really wonderful..I love poli

Hima said...

I love bobbattu/puran poli. But currently I should stay away from sweets.. hopefully after 4 to 5 months I will be able to make them and enjoy.

Meera said...

Looks delicious, Trupti. You have given some awesome tips too. I too made puranpoli but this time I made it Mangalore style. I will make Maharashtrian version, next year.

Sagari said...

wowwwww looks u made a wonderful dough

Trupti said...

Thank you Lavi, Sia, Kamala, Happy Cook

Thanks. Hey you can try this poli at home some time. It is little bit time consuming but when you eat homemade hot poli with Ghee you will understand why you have to take thest efforts.

Thank you Namrata, Cham, Dhivya

Hey Uma,
now you know the recipe, you can try this poli at home.

Thank you Divya, Hima.

Hey Meera, thanks. I saw Mangalore version of this poli on ur blog. I think both methods are same. just a little bit difference.

Thank you sagari

Vandana said...

I am going to try your version. Looks great! I love puran poli. The way we Tamil Iyers make it is with coconut and jaggery. That is made only with maida.
Great recipe with step by step instructions.

Medhaa said...

Trupti, Thank you for dropping by. this looks so yummy, I love how it has puffed up sometimes even my plain roti does not puff up. I love this. Thanks for sharing

Mythreyee said...

Looks delicious. Can you please send this to Sweetseries event in my blog? Details in my blog. Thanks.