Shrikhand Biscuit Pudding

Serves 4
4 cups Kesari shrikhand
20 Sweet biscuits
20 Chocolate cream biscuits
4 tbsps Butter (melted )
2 medium sized Ripe mangoes
1 Kiwi (peeled and sliced)
2 Plums (pitted and sliced)

1.Grease the base of a spring-form cake tin with a little melted butter.
2.Crush sweet biscuits in a mixer. Add melted butter and mix.
3.Put this mixture on the greased base of the spring-form cake tin and press lightly.
4.Arrange chocolate cream biscuits along the sides of the cake tin.
5.Chop mangoes and add to the shrikhand and mix.
6.Slice the kiwis.
7.Pour shrikhand into the cake and arrange the kiwi slices on the top.
8.Arrange the plum slices in the middle and chill till set.
9.Unmould and serve.

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