3 cups rice
3 cups powdered sugar or jaggery (grated)
1/2 to 3/4 cup milk
Khuskhus (poppy seeds) as required
Ghee or oil for frying

1.Wash and soak rice for 3 days, changing water each day.
2.Wash and drain water, dry on a thick soft cloth, till dry.
3.Grind into powder and sieve it through fine mesh.
4.Add grated jaggery or sugar to powdered rice. Add some milk if the mixture is too dry.
5.If possible pound this dough till it get little bit smooth.
4.Press dough tightly, keep closed/covered for 4-5 days.
5.After 4-5 days again knead the dough till it get smooth, stiff. If required sprinkle little milk & knead again.(Add milk very carefully, as sugar may make the dough soggy and soft.)
6.Divide dough into 50 parts. Keep covered with a moist clean cloth.
7.Use a clean plastic sheet.Sprinkle some poppy seeds on it.
8. Press small dough lightly on poppy seeds. Flatten the dough into a round.
9. Meanwhile heat ghee or oil in a kadhai. Fry anarsa in ghee/ oil with poppy seeds side up.
10.Shallowfry till golden on low-medium heat.
11.Drain keep aside to cool. Add more ghee to pan as required.
12.Heat, and repeat for all dough.
13.If done rightly, they should have a fine meshylike look on them and be crisp. Otherwise they have been underdone in centre.
14.Store in airtight container after completely cooled and crisp.

Makes: 50 pieces (approx)
Shelflife: 3 weeks

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