Moong Daal Chakli

Moong daal(yellow) ½ cup
Maida(or all purpose flour) 2 cups
Sesame Seeds(white til) 1 tea spn
Cumin Seeds(jeera) 1 tea spn

1. Cook the moong daal till soft(preferably use pressure cooker). Mash them with a spoon.
2. Take the maida(or all purpose flour) in a cloth and tie a knot.Keep the flour bundle in a cooker vessel and steam it(without putting the weight) for around 10mins.
3. Cool the bundle and daal to room temperature.
4. Take out the flour from the bundle, add mashed daal, cumin, sesame seeds and salt.Mix into a dough(no need to add water, make the dough with the mashed daal).
5. Fill the dough in a chakli press and press into chakli shape on a flat board (use a plastic paper on the board to make it easier to lift the chaklis). If the chaklis break, knead the dough well before pressing them.
6. Heat oil. Lift the chaklis carefully from the paper/board(I used the cover of rice flour pack) and leave them in oil. (at any stage, chaklis should not break). Fry them on a medium flame. Take out on a clean kitchen towel.
7. When the chaklis are cooled to room temperature, store them in an airtight container.


Unknown said...

Trupti , I love this recipe, it is different and never tried with moong daal , sounds great.

Anonymous said...

When you are cooking maida in cooker, do we need to add water in cooker ? can you please elaborate on that part ?

Trupti said...

Hello BlueMist, You can cook moong Daal & maida at same time. On Moong daal pot put any steel plate and on that plate you can keep maida cloth. add some water at the bottom of cooker & presser cook both at a time. Hope this helps you.

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